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Hello REPOST-ers, This page talks about some of the incredible challenges we’ve faced at and our plans to push through on to greener pastures. Major trademark infringement occurring by Google, Apple, Facebook and guess who’s the biggest beneficiary of all of these apps?

Well let me give you a hint.

Go to the App Store on your phone real quick and search for “repost“.

What do you see?

Fake Repost Apps

Tons of illegal apps calling themselves REPOST FOR INSTAGRAM and the major internet players are all benefiting & making money off these imposter Repost Apps. I have reported then at

Repost Trademark Infringement

What’s shocking is that when I discovered what was going on and started to report the trademark infringement to them, the lack of replies or the BS replies I received, with everyone seems to be looking the other way.

I’m persistent so I sent didn’t accept looking the other way. I sent out cease and desist letters but also got a lack of attention they deserved.

I’m ready (ALMOST) to file law suits against Google, Apple & Instagram all at the same time. Some important things to to first so everything gets done right.

This will probably create some very rocky news for the already feeble financial markets.

Official Repost App

I’m also actively pursuing obtaining a VC financial partner (investor) for the first time in my career after a 20 year run of self-funded development. I’m seeking a real partner that I can learn from. Possibly one that I can teach a few things to as well.

The possibility to have experienced technology advisors to help me bring my brilliant visions to reality makes me think that its 2120 already and I already invented time travel. Its really dam cool in other words.

If you’re a VC/investor reading this you may contact me at if you’re interested in investing with REPOST. The official repost app will provide markers affordable and effective social media marketing and digital marketing campaign management tools.

So you know a little bit about myself.

My name is Benjamin Ogden. I started developing my first websites in 2001 (using Microsoft Frontpage) and quickly became one of the world’s leading SEOs by mid 2001. I was lucky to have made a small fortune with the online gambling industry through my SEO affiliate marketing networks developed over the years.

Invested that into tons of online businesses, domains, etc. I’m at a point where I would be strategically better offer by finding experienced technology investors/advisors to help me scale REPOST fast. Ideally, one that like to THINK BIG because that’s what I do best.

There’s actually much much more to invest in such as Pro Blog (Blogging/Marketing Marketplace) or prified (PRIVATE/SOCIAL). I know I know, project scope creep.

So, lets start with REPOST and go from there

I value the mentorship aspect much and hope to find the right VC to work together with.

I’ve always been a very successful entrepreneur (solo & self funded). I’ve got no complaints with it, I love it and have done very well that way.

However I am of the understanding that great value comes from partnerships/collaborations/mentorship and I’d get a lot of personal satisfaction having a mentor/advisor.

I’ll be a wise and profitable investment and assure you of delivering great value to our partnership.

Repost App Business: will offer digital marketers a monthly subscription model with in app purchases / in site purchases, ad monetization, cloud storage.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Publishing Tools
  • Digital Marketing Services & Automation (AI, ML, SaaS)
  • Content Distribution & Content Marketing (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM)

Visit the only official site for legally reposting online content on to get started.

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